#16: Year of Glad – “Year of Glad EP”

My previously mentioned interest in Philadelphia music started with a band called Nona, who released their only album Through the Head in 2013. I got really obsessed with the album after hearing about it on Twitter, and I consider it to be a total gem that has been pretty much completely overlooked. The heart of the album was singer Mimi Gallagher, who has a voice that sounds like no one else’s and writes catchy, emotional songs that are a mix of punk and indie/alternative rock.

One of Gallagher’s new projects is Year of Glad, which is made up of other various members of Philadelphia’s music scene: Chris Diehm from 1994, Mike Harping of Good Luck, and Mike Bell from Mike Bell & the Movies. Their first EP contains four very good songs with Gallagher singing on two of them, which are unsurprisingly my favorite. “Flowers” and “Turn” are in a similar mold to her work in Nona, with simple songwriting that is elevated by her unique voice and heartfelt lyrics. These songs (not to mention her other project this year, Eight) have further solidified her as one of my favorite singers in music right now.

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