#15: Erase Errata – “Lost Weekend”

Erase Errata’s first album in nine years was possibly the year’s least hyped comeback, and Lost Weekend certainly isn’t a massive “WE’RE BACK AND ALL THESE YOUNG BANDS ARE FINALLY GOING TO HEAR WHAT TRUE GREATNESS IS” kind of statement. With a 27-minute running time over seven songs, it makes sure to not overstay its welcome. Over that short span, the band shows a lot of different styles, mixing in horns and handclaps (on the fittingly titled “History of Handclaps”) which gives the band’s sharp music a sense of playfulness that contrasts with some of its more overtly political material.

Over the long layoff, the band (Jenny Hoyston, Ellie Erickson, Bianca Sparta) somehow developed more chemistry and confidence than they had before, which particularly shows through on the heavy grooves of “Watch Your Language,” which I felt was one of the biggest straight-up jams of the year. The band decided to officially call it quits later in the year, but the band and Lost Weekend deserve to be remembered.

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