#17: Chastity Belt – “Time to Go Home”

Chastity Belt started as something of a joke, with a provocative name and song titles like “Pussy Weed Beer” on their first album, No Regerts. The description of their first release, Fuck Chastity Belt, reads “This is the worst music you will ever hear. Chastity Belt is the worst band to ever exist.” However, they now describe themselves as a “real band,” and their second album, Time to Go Home backs that up with a more developed, mature sound that moves past the band’s beginnings without completely forgetting about them.

The most impressive part of Time to Go Home is how the band has their own unique vibe that defies easy categorization, which is no small feat in 2015. The band retains their early punk spirit, but the actual sound of the album is much more low-key and subtle. Julia Shapiro’s vocals have a strong point of view and sometimes touch on feminist topics, but are delivered with a matter-of-fact, at times blase, tone instead of punk shouting.

But what really separates Chastity Belt is their lead guitarist, Lydia Lund, who really shines on this album. Her arpeggio-based guitar riffs have a warmth to them and give the band its dreamy sound that makes a unique pairing with Shapiro’s vocals. Some of my favorite moments on the album are just Lund guitar parts, like the three minute section at the end of “On the Floor” or the repetitive, calming riff on “Drone.” Songs like that make it clear that Chastity Belt truly is a real band, and isn’t just joking around anymore.

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