#18: Marie Davidson – “Un Autre Voyage”

I’m still mostly a dabbler in electronic music, but Marie Davidson’s Un Autre Voyage stood out for me because it felt more personal than a lot of similar music that is focused more purely on sound. Though admittedly, I’m kind of guessing here, since Davidson is from Montreal and the vast majority of the lyrics on Un Autre Voyage are in French, with Davidson speaking more than singing.

Davidson’s music has a dark, twitchy energy to it, created by repetitive synths and drum machine beats that create very specific night-time anxiety feelings for me. And the French language ends up being part of the appeal: I don’t know what she’s saying most of the time, which gives Davidson a mysterious charisma, and the language itself sounds compelling to my boorish American ears.

The language barrier makes Un Autre Voyage much more about style and mood than other albums on the list, and it’s a testament to Davidson’s ability that it is such a gripping album, even if you subtract one of the more important elements of the music.

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