#19: Adult Mom – “Momentary Lapse of Happily”

Adult Mom is primarily the project of Steph Knipe, who makes bittersweet indie pop that is reminiscent of early Rilo Kiley. Momentary Lapse of Happily is one of my favorite debut albums of the year, partly because Knipe feels like a fresh, unique voice in music. A self-identified queer, their songs describe how that has affected their life and outlook, while mixing in relatable observations about growing up and not really fitting in with people.

Adult Mom’s strengths really come through in “Survival,” which is one of the songs I ended up playing on repeat a lot this year. Its upbeat sound is juxtaposed with the lyrics, which detail Knipe coming out and the general feeling of confusion and isolation that happened afterwards. The lyric “I survive because I have died” sums up a feeling that is present throughout the album, of being young but already feeling like a hardened survivor.

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