I just realized I haven’t edited this page for four years, so I figured I should do that.

I’m now a 25 year-old former college student living in the Twin Cities and not doing anything particularly exciting. I started this blog in college just because I wanted to try my hand at writing about music/the arts while also sharing cool music I found with friends or anyone else who happened to care about my writing. I did this in a fairly trial-by-fire manner, so forgive me if any of my old posts are really dumb.

The “mission” of the blog, if there is one, is just to provide hopefully interesting first-person commentary about music and how it intersects with my life. I’ve become frustrated with how so much writing about music has this objective clinical tone and with how the bigger websites tend to stymie the voices of individual authors, so I kind of try to do the opposite, with varying degrees of success.

Ideally, a blog is supposed to have a constant flow of content (or so I’ve heard). I update this one somewhat sporadically and unpredictably. I want each post to actually feel like something I’m compelled to write about and share, and I also want to put a reasonable amount of thought into what I post. Those goals don’t really lead to a huge amount of “content,” but I think it makes the stuff I do post more worthwhile and interesting.

If you want more of my opinions or have feedback or anything, you should follow me on Twitter @WombatRock.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very interesting article, I love that you think people need to have a reason to like something haha. Another female fronted hard rock band worth checking out is Scarlet Canary, they’re on iTunes, Spotify, etc, just google them. Great article, keep it up!

  2. Hi Josh,

    Is there an email address I can get you at? I run a music project that I believe has a fighting chance of appealing to you, and was hoping I might be able to send some details about it your way.

    Many thanks,

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