#6: Littler – “Of Wandering”

My favorite album of last year was Colleen Green’s I Want to Grow Up, which I ranted about endlessly because I felt it was such a great, simple rock album that also articulated what it feels like to feel lost and stuck in that not-quite-an-adult territory. Philadelphia’s Littler is cut from the same cloth, and Of Wandering finds similar pathos and humor in the mundane aspects of life.

There’s nothing too fancy happening on Of Wandering, but the simple riffs and songs are the right fit for the lyrics, which are often about screwing up, struggling, and not knowing what to do. Singer Madeline Meyer sets the tone early on opener “Knife Sucker,” when she declares “I still suck at my life.” One of the other highlights, “Tectonics,” has one of those lyrics that is something I’ve literally thought verbatim: “I want to be good at a lot of things, but I don’t know how to go about that.” Those self-deprecating lyrics give Of Wandering a scrappy, underdog charm and make it one of the most endearing rock albums of the year.


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