#22: Potty Mouth – “Potty Mouth EP”

Following up their 2013 album Hell Bent, Massachusetts’ Potty Mouth put out this five song EP that improves on most of the ideas on their debut. In particular, the band adds more polish to their sound and makes the smart decision of working with John Goodmanson, who has a stellar history of working with guitar-centric rock bands and aids them in expanding their grunge/alternative vision.

Of course, producers only do so much, and the most noted improvements are in Potty Mouth’s own performance –while only five songs, this EP has enough big hooks, riffs, and choruses to fill most full lengths. Abby Weems’ vocals are stronger and more confident, matching the more self-assured playing from the rest of the band. With many bands mining similar 90s grunge/alt rock material, it’s in this execution that Potty Mouth separate themselves. The result is five great songs that each sound like a lost 90s single.

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